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Saturday, 25 September 2010 21:28

Does your company need a Website Redesign?

So you’ve got a perfectly good website and you’re fairly happy with the way it looks. Maybe it doesn’t perform well in search engine rankings or you plan to make a few design changes in the future so the question becomes, does it make more sense to redesign your website or try to fix the old one?  Sometimes the time and money spent on updating an outdated website is more costly than starting from scratch with a new site. A website redesign would ensure your site has search engine friendly site architecture, plus the keywords and content you need for proper search engine optimization.

Another thing to consider is this…Google prefers fresh, dynamic content. If you haven’t made changes to your site in a while, chances are your competition has and your website is not performing as well as it should as a lead generation source. All things being equal, sites with dynamic content will perform better in search rankings at the end of the day.

Other times when a website redesign may be necessary:

•    If your business or products have changed drastically and you need to totally revamp the look and functionality of your website. 
•    You want to sell products online and your old site was not designed for e-commerce
•    You can’t find your website at all in keyword searches on the first 10 pages of Google
•    Your competitors have launched new sites recently

If you find your company site meets one or more of these criteria, then it may be time to consider a website redesign. A search engine friendly website should comply with Google’s algorithms since they receive the most search engine traffic. Since algorithms change frequently, having a website design that complies with current Google webmaster standards will give your site a boost against competitors with older sites.

Contact Red Dog Digital Marketing today for a quote on your company’s website design project.

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